“Modesty” must be one of the most abused words in the Christianese dialect. Sex scenes in films need to look believable, but obviously not involve the actors having real sex. But Showtime's Masters of Sex has a special claim on nudity. Matt's costume for the four-way simulation was a modesty pouch, a flesh-coloured sock fastened with an elastic band over his groin. We only include words that no longer exist in Modern English, have changed their meaning since Shakespeare's day, or have an encyclopedic or specialized sense that would make them unfamiliar to many modern readers. By Mickey Rapkin. It was an important fashion item of European clothing during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. By E. Alex Jung. A codpiece (from Middle English: cod, meaning "scrotum") is a covering flap or pouch that attaches to the front of the crotch of men's trousers, enclosing the genital area. They are washable/reusable. 'There's not much left to the imagination. Yeah a modesty patch, or just the patch or the sock. Jason Momoa Swapped Out the Modesty Sock for a ‘Pink Fluffy’ One During Those Violent Sex Scenes on Game of Thrones. What is a genital guard and how is it used in acting? It was suggested to us by several people that it would be convenient for men to wear in hospitals for modesty and also for men, who for medical reasons, had to frequently wear a cream in the genital area. Our pouch will help keep the cream where it belongs instead of on bed sheets and underwear. I think they started calling it ‘the sock of destiny’ last season, I’m not entirely sure, I think that might have been a Ryan Kwanten coinage cause he was in little else for most of that season and if I’m not very much forsaken, I think he gave socks to all of the boys on the crew as a wrap gift. It may be held closed by string ties, buttons, folds, or other methods. With premium shows like Girls and Game of Thrones on the rise, there's never been more sex on TV. Under this last heading, we include all the proper names (such as figures in classical mythology and local place-names) listed in our Themes and Topics (see Starting Points above). Outlander Star Sam Heughan Has Had Some Difficulty With His "Modesty Pouch" Outlander is one of the sexiest shows on TV, thanks in no small part to oft-shirtless Sam Heughan.


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