Look at the image you are trying to upload. If you have an Instagram account for your business, the profile picture can be your logo or the name of your business. I managed to create what I need, but have been unable to size it properly to fit into an Instagram profile circle. 640 px is the best fit * Double check the file type. When people look at it, they should recognise it easily and quickly. On mobile, tap Edit Profile and select Change Profile Photo… Remember that your profile photo on Instagram is very small on a smartphone screen and there’s no way to expand or zoom in! Do you have any other suggestions as I can’t figure out why it is black or find anything online to help. Make sure it is a jpg image. Hi Becky, unfortunately that didn’t fix it, I have a white box around my logo but the box doesn’t fill up all the instagram “circle” that is the profile shape and that part is black. I recommend you start with a larger image! Tip #7: Let Your Logo or Headshot Be the Focus of Your Instagram Profile Picture . If you’re using a logo as your Instagram profile picture, it’s pretty easy to make sure it stays as the focus of the frame. Go ahead, fill in your company name and get your free instagram logo designs. Try our Instagram logo maker create your own logo for your Instagram profile. Or you can have a profile picture featuring you during work. Select your logo file and click Choose. The Instagram DP size is a mere 152 pixels in diameter on desktop. Hi - I'm new to Illustrator, purchased to develop a logo for a project I'm working on. You can … Go to your profile by clicking the person icon. You only have to pay when you're completely happy with your logo. Click your profile photo and select Upload Photo. To add or change your profile photo: Sign in to Instagram account on your phone. Just try it, it's fun: A 500 pixel square will work on any social network. What’s the best Instagram Profile Picture Size? Here are a few things to look at: * Pixel count/resolution of image - be sure to use a high res image. On a phone, it’s a scanty 110. Your Instagram profile picture is like a brand’s logo.


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